Athlete Profile: James Sales

James Sales

By Max Bowen

Since he was 4 years old, James Sales loved being on the soccer field. Sales said many of his current teammates have played with him for years.

How did you get into soccer?

I started when I was young, I was about 4 years old. I liked the competitiveness of it, I liked my teammates, I liked to play with them. I’ve played with most of the players ever since the beginning. Right now on our varsity team, eight of the 11 starters, I’ve been playing with since the beginning.

If something isn’t going well on the team, what’s the response?

First we identify the problem. Usually Coach talks to us first and we look at it on film or in practice and we’ll find a drill that will fix that and just work really hard at it.

What have you gained from your time on the team?

I’ve learned the value of leadership, teamwork, determination, and dedication. I find them very important to be on a team and to lead a team as well. I’ve really learned the value of those in any sport.

How do you balance sports and academics?

During the season we have practice from 3-5 so before practice I’d start on my homework and then after I’d work on that and study. Sometimes I’ll study until 10 p.m. Sometimes when I have tests the next day I’d go even later.

What’s your plan for after high school?

Right now I’m looking at a few colleges. I want to play in college and I’ve been talking with a few coaches. Right now my top college is Salve Regina.