North Attleborough Athlete Profile: Alex Moulson


By Max Bowen

A long-time soccer player, North Attleborough High School student Alex Moulson said her mother offered some important advice when she began playing.

How did you get into soccer?

My family is really big into sports and my mom still plays [soccer]. She still plays in a women’s league.

Did your mother give you advice that stayed with you?

Probably to work really hard, even if it’s not easy at first.

What have you learned from your time playing soccer?

I’ve played with a lot of different teammates and had a lot of different coaches, so I’ve learned a lot of different things from all of them.

How do you know when a team works?

At first, if you’re not jelling as well, you’ll notice right away. You won’t connect as many passes or you won’t know where the players will be if you’re going to pass to them. Sometimes you just know where they’re playing or how they play. Definitely work on it in practice and work on more game-like situations, like maybe scrimmages.

Why did you stick with soccer?

I tried a bunch of different sports. I still play softball and I did track, but soccer is definitely my main sport. I play it year-round, I just really like it. I play club year-round.