Honorary North Attleborough police officer gets escort to hospital

Mikey Grover of North Attleborough received a 12-officer escort to Boston Children's Hospital on Jan. 15 for his third heart surgery. Grover is an honorary police officer in the North Attleborough, Randolph, and Nashua, N.H. departments. Courtesy photo

By Max Bowen

Four-year-old Mikey Grover had some company when he went to Boston Children’s Hospital last week—his fellow members of law enforcement.

Grover, of North Attleborough, was sworn in as an honorary police officer in North Attleborough, Randolph, and Nashua, N.H. last March. His father Tom said it was the work of Randolph Police Det. Kevin Gilbert who made Mikey an honorary officer, and North Attleborough and Nashua quickly followed suit.

Mikey was born with some complex heart issues—hypoplastic left heart syndrome and hetertaxy. The first means that the left side of Mikey’s heart is underdeveloped, and the latter refers to a condition where the organs are reversed. He also has Double Outlet Right Ventricle, a heart disease present from birth. The aorta connects to the right ventricle (the chamber of the heart that pumps oxygen-poor blood to the lungs), instead of to the left ventricle (the chamber that normally pumps oxygen-rich blood to the body).

On Jan. 15, he was scheduled to go to BCH for his third heart surgery, and a small police escort was planned. But at 5 a.m., the Grover family saw one cruiser after another approach, with 12 officers from different departments.

To see 12 officers show up, it was unbelievable,” said Tom. “We knew it was coming but not the scope, it was incredible, absolutely amazing.”

Along with North Attleborough Officer Justin Connolly, the following law enforcement took part in the escort—

Randolph Police Detective Gilbert and Detective Abramson, Quincy Police Officer Rolfsen and K-9 Archer, Needham Police Officer Wise, Massachusetts State Police Trooper De Castro, Stoughton Police Officer Gada, Norwell Police Officer Phelps, Plainville Police Officer Cerce, Simmons University Police Sergeant Yanizzi, and Northeastern University Police Sgt. Grueter and Officer Chiasson.

On Facebook, the group Mikey Strong was created to keep friends and family apprised of Mikey’s condition and medical procedures. Tom said his son is doing very well and is going to kindergarten at the Early Learning Center this year.

He’s not a sickly little boy,” said Tom of his son.

The Community PTO and the Early Learning Center recently held Spirit Days to benefit the the family. Community School’s “Superhero T-shirt” Day was last Friday, Jan. 17, and $832 was raised. The Early Learning Center held its “Superhero T-shirt” Day on Thursday, Jan. 16, and the school raised $1,500. ELC will continue to run the fundraiser through this week. Both PTOs will be purchasing gifts cards for the family to use during Mikey’s hospital stay.