Athlete Profile—James Bush

By Max Bowen

North Attleborough High School student James Bush—a longtime soccer player and recent Teammate Award winner—said it can take time for a team to work well together. But from that comes a group so in sync that they can sometimes predict each other’s moves.

What got you into sports?

It was probably my parents I just kind of started when I was younger playing T-Ball, Park and Rec soccer, it’s something that everyone does. Then I just stuck with it, kept picking up more, it was fun. I was a pretty athletic kid, so it was pretty easy for me to do most sports.

Why did soccer become the sport you stuck with?

Well, I started it and I ended up sticking with it because I made so many friends on the team. I always wanted to play football, but then I came into the sixth grade still playing soccer and I didn’t find any reason to switch. In seventh graded I ended up switching to play football for a year and didn’t like it as much as soccer, so I went back in eighth grade.

The people I met along the way, I really liked playing with them and the sport itself is so much more fun than any sport I played.

What, in your opinion, makes a team work well?

Definitely having trust in your teammates, you always hear team chemistry, it’s also knowing the people you play with. I’ve gone to soccer tryouts where I’ve played with random kids from all over and it’s definitely harder playing with them because I don’t know what type of player they are, if I need support, but when I’m playing with the North team I know all the kids. I can just tell who they are from a half-mile away. You know everything they’re going to do—I can probably predict their next move. It makes it a lot easier. You can play all play together when you know each other so well.

Does that kind of teamwork come from time?

Definitely time. We start captain’s practices at the start of summer. There’s practices three times a week. We spend six hours a week together throughout the summer and then in the season we’re spending more like 10 hours a week together. We spend so much time together we become best friends.

What are your plans for after you graduate?

I’m definitely going to college for something revolving around engineering. Maybe something along the engineering line and then mix it with business. I could maybe play a D-3 school, but I’m not as skilled as some of the other players I played with, so I probably couldn’t go D-2 or D-1. If I go to one of the D-3 schools, I’ll definitely try out.