Meeting recap: School Committee

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By Max

At its meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 11, the School Committee discussed kindergarten class sizes, heard an update on capital projects, and received a report from student representatives.

Kindergarten class sizes

Assistant Superintendent Michelle McKeon said there has been an increase in kindergarten class sizes, but efforts are made to keep them at or under 25 students per class. At the Amvet Boulevard School, kindergarten classes average at 26.5 students, and an increase throughout the district is expected in the near future. McKeon said that the administration will need to determine if additional kindergarten teachers are necessary to maintain the 25-student class size.

Student representative report

At the meeting, student representatives Sam Osa-Agbontaen, Maria Fitian, and Shruti Srinivasan gave their report of recent developments at North Attleborough High School [NAHS]. Osa-Agbontaen said that winter sports have begun, and the High School Helpers program was underway to assist any students who need tutoring.

Fitian said that this school year marked the first with a community service requirement, and that students had until Jan. 29 to file reports of the service hours they had done. Srinivasan told the committee that the fall play had been held and work was underway on the January performance.

Capital projects

Superintendent Scott Holcomb said that Acting Town Manager Michael Gallagher’s capital improvement plan includes borrowing to fund replacement of the Community School roof and the track at NAHS, as well as window replacement at Richards Memorial Library. Gallagher has said that the plan is to borrow in FY22 to replace the bleachers and concession stands at the high school.

Some concern was raised over the impact of having the bleachers closed for so long, and Holcomb said many sports games had been held there utilizing temporary bleachers. Other games, such as football, have been held at Community Field.

We want to make sure we do what’s right for the students and our people,” said Holcomb.