Second-floor apartment damaged in fire

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Smoke detectors and quick notification helped to limit damage caused by a house fire on Smith Street.

Fire Chief Christopher Coleman said that a report came in of a fire in a second-floor apartment on 268 Smith St. on Monday, Dec. 2, at 4:04 p.m. Fire engines and ambulances were already on the road and were able to respond quickly. Coleman said the fire was contained to only one apartment with damage caused by heat, smoke, and water. Another apartment on the same floor had no damage and one on the first floor had water damage.

The fire never got out of the apartment,” said Coleman. “The fire was starved for oxygen and didn’t spread. If it did get the windows open, it would have spread to the attic.”

The scene was cleared at approximately 7 p.m. Coleman added that notification from another tenant and the active smoke detectors contributed to the quick response and limited damage.