North Attleborough Fire Log, Nov. 10-17

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For the week of Nov. 10-17, the North Attleborough Fire Department responded to 92 emergency calls for assistance.

  • 51 were Emergency Medical Responses, with 32 of these requiring Advanced Life Support measures.
  • Nine Motor Vehicle Accidents with injuries, with at least two involving deer strikes
  • Four Outside/Brush Fire Investigations
  • Three Carbon Monoxide Alarm Activations

The remaining emergency calls were due to a variety of otherwise unspecified reasons.

On Saturday of last week, members of both the North Attleborough fire and police departments participated in a joint training exercise with the Massachusetts State Police concerning high-risk incidents involving active shooters. This training represented another positive step in the ongoing effort on the part of many town agencies to work together toward being better prepared to respond if such an event were ever to occur.

New recruits continue to make progress on their individual and group skills training. Over the coming months, several of these members and more hired in recent months will be attending paramedic school programs and the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy. This will continue to be a very busy time for these members and the more veteran personnel working with them to develop their abilities.

There have been increasing number of animal related motor vehicle collisions recently, especially from deer being struck as they attempt to cross roadways. While certainly unpredictable, drivers are urged to please use this information as a cautionary reminder to not only check for other cars or pedestrians, but to be alert for others who may be out there and are not as familiar with obeying traffic laws as the rest of us.