Eleven members of North Attleborough Fire Department sworn in at ceremony

North Attleborough Fire Chief Christopher Coleman has his badge pinned on by his father, retired Fire Chief Robert Coleman at Tuesday's swearing in ceremony. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
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By Max Bowen


Mothers, fathers, and spouses applauded 11 members of the North Attleborough Fire Department at a swearing in ceremony.

The fire chief, deputy chief, two lieutenants, and seven firefighters received their badges at the ceremony, held on Tuesday, Oct. 22. Dep. Chief James Puleo of Mansfield Fire was the guest speaker for the event, said that service is the most common denominator as to why firefighters do their job in face of great danger.

We as a group endeavor to serve,” he said.

To the firefighters, Puleo said they are the backbone of the department. To the captains and lieutenants, he said they are the support network, and encouraged them to help those under their command to learn all they could. To the chiefs and deputy chiefs, Puleo reminded them to “Say what you will do, and do what you say.”

For those friends and family in attendance, Puleo welcomed them to a larger family.

There will be stories, lots and lots of stories,” he said.

Town Council President Keith Lapointe said his son often asked for a fire engine cake on his birthday, which spoke to the impact the department has had over the years.

The community hurts when you hurt,” he said. “When you are sad, we are sad for you.”

Along with the pinning of the badges, service awards were given out for those that had been with the department for 20, 25, and 30 years. Among those was a 30-year award given to Cameren Cornetta in honor of his father, Firefighter Chris Cornetta, who passed away in March.


Dep. Chief Michael Chabot hugs his mother, Beth Oliveira, following his badge pinning. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
Seven firefighters are sworn in by Town Clerk Kevin Poirier. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
Town Clerk Kevin Poirier [right] swears in North Attleborough Fire Chief Christopher Coleman [center] and Dep. Chief Michael Chabot. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
North Attleborough Fire Chief Christopher Coleman gives opening remarks at the Swearing in Ceremony, welcoming the family and friends of the department. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
The North Attleborough Fire Department Honor Guard opened the Swearing in Ceremony held on Tuesday, Oct. 22. Staff Photo/Max Bowen