Getting set for the season

Patrick Beith, owner of Athletes Acceleration in North Attleborough. The new sports facility offers training sessions with high school and college athletes, as well as classes for adults. Staff Photos/Max Bowen
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Getting set for the season

Athletes Acceleration opens its doors with classes for students and adults

Between countless videos on YouTube, bloggers galore, and more books than can be counted, it can he hard to know the right path to take when it comes to getting in shape.

It’s partly that need for education that led Patrick Beith to open Athletes Acceleration, where he and his staff work with high school and college athletes through detailed assessments and training plans that cater to their specific needs. 

Beith said the facility—formerly Gold’s Gym—was ideal for their purposes. The interior is large, providing plenty of space for running and agility drills, and a number of free weights and machines.  There’s a second floor that is used for adult classes in the morning and workshops for coaches. 

“There are great coaches who want to help the profession and help others get better,” he said. “They can do more training here. We want to bring a lot more in here.”

Sports Performance Coach Pat Livesey [right] works with Matt Antonetti.
Beith said some young athletes may not know the best ways to improve themselves, which in part is due to the overabundance of information. When Beith was younger, he and his friends would go through bodybuilding magazines, one of few sources back then.

“Now there’s too much information out there and some shouldn’t be saying anything,” said Beith. “How do you know if that person is good or bad? How legitimate are they?”

Madelyn Steel runs drills with Sports Performance Coach David Padilla at Athletes Acceleration, which opened a few weeks ago.

Along with bad information, Beith said there are a lot of misconceptions about how best to get in shape. He said one study showed that middle-schoolers shouldn’t lift weights, as it can stunt their growth. Another indicated that it’s difficult to increase one’s speed. 

Beith played track and football while at North Attleborough High School and later returned as a track coach. He’s taken classes in physiology and trained a number of athletes over the years. In addition to his own experience, fellow coaches Pat Livesey and David Padilla bring years of experience.  

“We’re in it for the athlete and teach them as much as they can handle. Live healthier, move better, not just here today but for their life.”

Athletes Acceleration is located at 749 S. Washington St. For more information, call 508-316-0293 or e-mail