Zoning Board of Appeals Legal Notice

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Notice is hereby given that in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 40A of the
Massachusetts General Laws and any and all amendments thereto a public hearing will be
held on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 6:30 PM in the Town Hall Lower Level
Conference Room on the following applications:
MARIO F. & SUSAN E. MAGRO for a Variance from Section V, Use Regulations,
Schedule B (in-law apartment) of the North Attleboro Zoning By-Laws to construct an 18
x 36’ addition to the existing single family home to be used as an in-law apartment on the
property located at 132 Stoddard Drive. Further described as Lot Number 134 on the
Assessors Plat No. 34 and located in an R-15 Residential District containing 22,552 +/-
S.F. of land.
ANNA HALUCH for a Variance from Section VI.G.2.e, Supplementary Regulations,
Signs, of the North Attleboro Zoning By-laws to allow one additional wall sign on the
Sleep Number store as described in the application and shown on the submitted plans on
the property located at 1174 South Washington Street. The property is further described
as Lot 105 on the Assessors Plat 25 and located in a C-60 Commercial District containing
4.83 Acres.
Publish on
9/26/19 & 10/3/19