Day of Caring receives donations of food and funds for Lenore’s Pantry

A front end loader was parked outside the Community School from 8:30-4:30 last Saturday to collect donations for the Day of Caring, which benefits Lenore’s Pantry. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
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State Rep. Betty Poirier talks to Joey [in blue] and Nick Scorpio as they bring a donation for the annual Day of Caring food drive held on Saturday, Sept. 21. Staff Photo Max Bowen

Day of Caring receives donations of food and funds for Lenore’s Pantry

Twelve years ago Makenzie Lewis and Catherine Rowman approached North Attleborough Junior Football about doing an annual collection to benefit families in need.

Last Saturday, that great tradition continued, as a front-end loader pulled up to the Community School to collect for the nearly 100 families that use the services of Lenore’s Pantry. As early as 11 a.m., the loader was more than half-full with food donations, and others gave money to help the pantry. Joan Badger, who helps run the pantry, said the need is always growing. Last month between three and 10 households registered at the pantry.

“It’s all about educating the youth and giving back to the community,” said Badger about the Day of Caring.

The event has been run through the NAJF and six years ago partnered with Betty’s Angels, run by State Rep. Betty Poirier. NAJF Vice-President Michele Trimbach said the teams support the event through collections and getting the word out.

Each year the loader is filled, sometimes twice. Lenore’s Pantry was opened 41 years and in addition to monthly grocery trips that registered families can make, there are emergency pickups that can be made. Donations come from the community and a local farmer as well as businesses such as Trader Joe’s, Stop & Shop, and Panera Bread.